The Audiobook Fever

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I’m breaking away from my normal book review posts for the day. Today I’m going to write a post about my newest discovery: audiobooks.

I had never thought I would live to see the day when I began to listen to audiobooks (although I used to say that about ebooks too). But audiobooks just never seemed like the proper fit for me, I can read just fine and love to read words across a page. I draw immense satisfaction from reading a book, how can I draw the same satisfaction from a book when I haven’t even read it myself?


I recently discovered that I’ve been paying for audible for a few months now and had 6 credits on my account (I obviously forgot to cancel my free trial). I browsed through audibles immense library and selected a few audibooks that looked interesting. I bought 6 with my credits and loaded them onto my iPhone. That same night I began to listen to one, “The Hangman’s Daughter”. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I enjoyed listening to the story. I found myself able to immerse myself in the story, visualizing the story in my head as it was read to me.

Listening to an audiobook in bed before I fall asleep is incredibly for me, almost more so than reading an actual book. It reminds me of when I was a young girl and my mom or dad would read me many, many stories as I was drifting off to sleep. There is a magical and nostalgic feeling that envelopes me as I listen to these audiobooks.

The other benefit to audiobooks that I had never previously thought of is: you can listen to a book while you do other things. I’ve been listening to audiobooks while I cook, do laundry, drive to school, or work out. It’s absolutely marvelous to be able to listen to a story while doing other things. I’m inclined to fold all my family’s laundry now that I can listen to a book while I do so. 

So while I never expected to fall in love with audiobooks, it seems that I have done just that. And while this new form of book enjoyment won’t replace my traditional reading, it’s a wonderful addition to the literature in my life. It looks like I will continue to pay for audible every month- it’s a good deal and I’m greatly enjoying this new media.