Inside the Vault: Review

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This book provides fascinating insight, from a very reliable source, into the bank robbery of President Richard Nixon. Prior to reading this book, I never even knew about this bank robbery (and my dad, an amateur history buff, didn’t know anything about it either), so this book definitely opened my eyes to a piece of history I never even knew occurred.

The story is written by Amil Dinsio and is from his perspective. Him and his brother were the real brains behind the bank robbery (and other bank robberies) and this book provides an interesting, first hand account of what really happened during the bank robbery and the events that led to them being caught.

Inside the Vault is a fascinating story. I was glued to the pages as the author described exactly how they went about robbing banks, even some banks that were seemingly very secure. This is a very riveting story, with real-life action that will have your heart racing and keep you eagerly reading, awaiting what will happen next. Along with being a riveting read, this book is also an incredibly informative non-fiction account of the bank robberies. I felt that I learned a lot about the art of robbing banks, but also, that I learned a lot about a certain aspect of modern history that isn’t as talked about in school- modern bank robberies.

The writing in this book is pleasant to read. The author does a good job of keeping the story flowing and making sure that the reader doesn’t find themselves confused about a sequence of events. Dinsio also does a really good job of explaining technical aspects of the break in, such as the electrical currents of the alarm system, in a way that any reader will be able to understand and follow. Another aspect of Dinsio’s writing that I found pleasant were his descriptions of the bank and the areas around the bank. It was easy to get a visual in my head of the way the bank looked because of the depth in which Dinsio describes the scenery.

In the end I thought that this book was an extremely interesting read. Prior to reading this book I’d had no idea that President Richard Nixon had money stolen, while in office, due to some professional bank robbers. This book taught me a lot about the event and also managed to keep the read thrilling and engaging. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in obscure historical events or anyone interested in reading about bank robberies.

I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.


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