Pranksters: Review

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I am finding it really difficult to decide how I felt about this book; there were parts that I enjoyed and parts that I didn’t.

This book is a comprehensive look at all manner of “pranks” through history. This text mentions everything from Ben Franklin as a prankster to “confidence games”. While I was expecting something a little different, maybe more about what we consider as pranks today, I thought that the look into pranks of history (or I guess it would be more misinformation than pranks?) was a compelling new angle into the world of pranks. This book focuses a lot on written pranks; writing things as true that are untrue or skewed. I didn’t really realize how many things have been written that were satires but taken as true; it just goes to show you can’t believe everything you read.

I didn’t think this book was written very well. Normally I can easily read and follow along with everything from a basic novel to a scientific text; but this book was written in such a manner that I truly struggled to follow. The authors sentence format was awkward and difficult to follow, making this book a challenge to read.

Along with the sentences not flowing, the chapters didn’t flow well together either. I found that each chapter flowed into the next in an awkward manner as their wasn’t much within the chapters to tie each together. The chapter transitions seemed choppy and amateurish.

While I did enjoy some of the content in this book, my overall impression was one of dislike. It’s an interesting topic for a book but the writing wasn’t very well done, leaving me with the taste of disappointment when I was finished reading.

I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.


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