Eels: Review

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To be completely honest, I found myself highly disappointed with this book.

I expected the book to include much more scientific information than it did. Rather than giving the reader a lot of information about eels, this book chronicles the authors journey around the world “studying” eels. There was a decent amount of information in this book about the cultural significance of eels around the globe, but not a lot of information about the eels themselves.

The layout of this book also drove me bonkers. I’m used to nonfiction books have asterisks at the end of a sentence, leading the reader down to the bottom of the page where information is clarified or elaborated upon, but in this book there were constant notes at the bottom. The majority of notes at the bottoms of the pages were lengthy and seemed as if they could have easily been added directly into the story itself, rather than being tacked on at the bottom of the page. I found the constant notes at the bottom of the page to be distracting and annoying during my read.

The authors writing style was fair. I can’t say that I found the author to be a really good writer, but I’ve definitely read worse writing than his. There were some stylistic aspects of his writing that I found disjointing (short sentences tacked on at the end of a paragraph, for instance), but my overall impression was that the authors writing wasn’t terrible to read.

On the whole, I found myself rather disenchanted with this book. I had been really interested in learning about eels; yet by the end of this book I felt as if I hadn’t hardly learned a thing about them. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this book if you’re looking to learn something about eels.


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