Death at Seaworld: Review

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After watching the documentary “blackfish” I decided to read a little about killer whales in captivity. This book is very similar to the documentary, but has so much more information in it.

While less about the specific people who were injured, this book is much more detailed about what goes on with killer whales in the wild and how it’s different from whales in captivity. I found it interesting and informative to learn about the differences and what goes on with whales in the wild and captivity.

I also enjoyed this books perspective from Naomi Rose. It was interesting to hear about the fights against Seaworld and what went on legally. I found myself getting upset while reading about the lies and half-truths Seaworld spun at the public in refutal of the scientific evidence. I think that the legal battle is something that isn’t focused on as much, so it was a unique perspective to read about that side of the story.

Overall, I think this book is a really informative read. I’ll definitely be thinking twice (or three times) before heading off to view whales in captivity.


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