The Secret Life of Sleep: Review

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This was a rather interesting read. I’d never really thought much about sleep, just as something that everyone had to do to stay alive, this book really opened my eyes to the complex, magical realm that is sleep.

This book covers a wide variety of topics. Touching on everything from the stages of sleep (and why they’re important) to Insomnia, and everything else that is even slightly related to sleep. I thought that the wide variety of topics was a really good idea for a book on sleep. Nothing was covered too extensively but the book did a fantastic job of educating the reader on the basics of each topic.

The book flowed smoothly from one topic to the next and it was relatively easy to keep track of the topics and the relation that they had to one another. There were few topics (the one on babies most notably) that I felt didn’t quite fit easily into the book, but I still found incredibly fascinating.

The writing in this book was very decent. The author does a good job of writing in a manner that is easy for the general reader to understand. She keeps the scientific terms to a minimum and does a good job of keeping all the topics relatable and easy to think about. The only problem that I had with her writing was that I thought she related topics back to herself a little too much. I don’t like it when authors bring up their own personal experiences and stories in nonfiction books, it’s one of my pet peeves. The author only did it about once a section, but I found myself getting annoyed with it by about the second mention of a dream she’d had as a child.

Overall, I think this book is a good read for anyone interested in the topic of sleep. There is much to be learned in this book and the book is written in an easily understandable manner.

I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.

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