The Tyrant’s Daughter: Review

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I really enjoyed this book. When I started reading this book I was unsure of what to expect, but this book pleasantly surprised me and exceeded any expectations I had.

The storyline of this book is really unique. A young girl, her mother, and her younger brother are brought to America after the assassination of their father/husband (who had been the ruler of their country). The young girl, Leila, is extreme culture shocked once in America. While her brother adapts easily and seemingly forgets his old life, Leila struggles with the different culture in the United States. On top of that, Leila is dealing with some new (and extremely troubling) information she discovered about her father and the way he ruled the country (don’t worry, I won’t give anything away). Leila’s mother is also expected to do some things for the government in exchange for her being granted political refugee status, and Leila is drawn into that task as well. There were so many different challenges piled onto Leila that I found myself glued to the pages, wondering what she would do and how she would cope with the situations at hand.

The characters in this book were absolutely exceptional. Leila was an amazing main character, her reactions and perceptions seemed so realistic that it was easy to imagine her as an actual girl in that situation. Leila’s family was also very interesting. Her younger brother thinks he is the king (was the prince before his father died), and his mother does nothing to deter him from those perceptions, even though they have been exiled from their country. His reactions and the way he dealt with his new situation seemed very realistic and believable.

The writing in this book was really exceptional. Although the book was written in a simplistic manner- it was very tasteful. It truly felt as if the story had been written by Leila. As a reader, I felt that I could feel Leila’s emotions just seeping through the pages. When Leila was overwhelmed, the tone of the writing felt overwhelming, allowing me to feel what she was feeling.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this book. Although it wasn’t my favorite book, I felt that there were many parts that made this book a great read. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking to read a book about a different culture (and the clash of cultures) or a book with an exceptional main character.

I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.


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    Hello Thank you for dropping by my blog. Enjoyed ur review.

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