Under Seas Under Red Skies: Review

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Sometimes a book is so well written that you truly feel that you are living the story. You feel as if you can taste what the characters taste, see what they see, and hear what they hear. The beginning of this book (up until they went to sea) was like that.

I truly loved the first book in this series and while this book certainly wasn’t as good as the first book, it still managed to hold its own.

The plot in this book was really good. There were so many different things going on (there were roughly 3 interwoven plots) that there was never a dull moment in the story. Locke and Jean are up to their usual antics (in a different city this time) and manage to get themselves into a rather sticky situation (involving poison, many, many lies, and complicated stories). I found myself glued to the pages, waiting to see how they would get themselves out of it.

The characters in this book are wonderful. Locke and Jean are still the same old characters that the reader knows and loves, but there are some other interesting characters introduced in this book. The villains in this story are absolutely fantastic! They’re incredibly realistic and evil without being obnoxious. They’re obviously very well thought out.

I thought that the writing in this book was really amazing, up until Locke and Jean went to sea. Once they were out at sea I thought that the descriptions of everything lost a little bit of their magic. I wasn’t able to feel the story like I did in the beginning, and I was little bit disappointed with that.

Overall, while this book wasn’t as good as the first in the series, it was still a plenty enjoyable read!


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