The Cairo Affair: Review

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I honestly didn’t like this book. While it seemed like a book I would enjoy, a thriller based on serious world issues, I found myself constantly confused and bored with the story.

The story begins with a bang (literally) as a wife, while sitting in a restaurant, confesses to her husband about the affair she had while in Cairo. The husband is then shot while still in the restaurant almost directly after the admission. Now- the tumultuous writing suited this section of the book as it fit well with the emotions the wife was feeling during this time period, but the writing had been confusing even before this scene occurred.

The storyline flops back and forth between perspectives in a way that is confusing and annoying to keep up with. I normally don’t have any difficulty keeping track of different perspectives or changing time periods within a story, but I found that with this book I really struggled to keep up.

The information in this book is also really confusing. If you want to really understand what is going on in this book, you’re going to need a thorough understanding of what is going on in Libya and with other current events. If you’re like me and have only just glanced at the news and absorbed a little bit of what’s been happening, you’re going to be constantly scratching your head in confusion throughout this book.

I also found the ending really disappointing. I absolutely hate it when the ending of the book seems like the author just ran out of steam and ended the story, or as if there are a few pages missing. The ending to this story felt exactly that way. The only thing I am hoping is that there will be a sequel (even though I won’t read it) and that is why the author ended the book the way that he did.

Overall, I found myself very disappointed in this book. It was confusing and difficult to read, taking away any enjoyment I might have gotten out of the book.

I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.


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