Eating Dangerously: Review

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This book is pretty in depth… It talks a lot about Salmonella and other foodborne illnesses. Not only does the author write about these foodborne illnesses, the author writes about how the FDA (and other government agencies responsible for certifying food) is so underfunded that it lacks the resources to protect the consumers.

I had known some of the information presented in this book already, from reading other books. I had already known about the issues with spinach, cantaloupe, and chicken but what I didn’t know is that spices are now a huge concern along with fish farmed over in Asian countries. Luckily for me, I cook my fish until it has reached a proper internal temperature and I usually cook my spices with my food.

This book was well written, it covers most of the recent food scares in a way that makes sure that the average reader will be able to understand what happened. The author obviously put a lot of time into the research of this book and is pretty thorough in covering all angles of the story.

If you’re the type to freak out about the food you eat (OMG, I don’t want my spinach grown in a fertilized field!) then don’t read this book. Spinach, and other fruits/veggies, are grown in the dirt and runoff from fields containing animals happens, even if the spinach field itself isn’t fertilized via animal waste. The average person at home just needs to be aware of that and understand the basics of washing/cooking foods. If you’re clueless about the proper way to protect yourself from foodborne illnesses from fresh produce/meat, the author provides a handy guide on how to do it.

Overall, I thought this book provided a lot of good information on the recent food scares and did a good job of educating the reader on what is wrong with the governments protection of food, but focused a little bit too much on the common sense prevention for consumers at home. 

But, that being said, I am glad that I buy my spinach from Earthbound Farms seeing as how they’ve made huge changes to protect the consumer from another spinach crisis.

I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.


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