Beasts: Review

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I was excited to read this book but found that once I started reading, I truly didn’t like the way the author wrote and couldn’t even finish the book.

The subject matter of this book is unique and interesting. The author takes a look at the behaviors of other large mammals and compares their behaviors to the behaviors of humans. The author then muses about how humans veered away from other mammals and why we assume we are superior as a species. I did enjoy the subject matter in this book. I found it interesting and unique, but I just couldn’t take anything seriously because the authors writing style just ruined it for me.

Do you remember back in grade school, how there was that one kid who thought they knew everything, talked constantly, and everyone despised? This author, and the way he writes, reminded me so much of that kid back in grade school.

There is simply no other way for me for me to describe why this authors writing style annoyed me so much. There were a lot of times while I was reading this story that I found myself rolling my eyes and thinking to myself, “he just thinks he knows everything”. I understand that the author is surely well qualified to be writing this book (or at least I hope that he is), but the way that he writes in the story makes it seem almost as if he is talking down on the reader.

Although I enjoyed the potential that this book had in regards to a unique topic, I just couldn’t get passed the authors annoying writing style, making it a challenge for me to read this book.

I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.


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