Himalaya: Review

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I am (and always have been) interested in the Himalayas and have read many books on the mountains throughout my lifetime. While there are a lot of books about the Himalayas and the climbers/explorers who “conquered” and “discovered” them, there aren’t a lot of books discussing the history and culture surrounding the mountains. “Himalaya: The Exploration and Conquest of the Greatest Mountains on Earth” does a fantastic job of combining both cultural information and information on the exploration of the mountains.

The format of this book is really pleasant to read. A different author writes each chapter about a topic and then the chapters are strung together to create a coherent book. Although different people write the chapters about different topics, each chapter transitions nicely into the next, allowing the reader to easily follow along.

Each chapter in this book provided an interesting view on a specific topic. Whether the chapter was about the climbing of the mountains or the history of the area, each chapter provided a clear and interesting look at that topic.

The writing in this book was very pleasant to read. While some chapters had better writing than others, there weren’t any chapters that stood out as being poorly written. It was obvious that each contributor to the book had a solid grasp on good nonfiction writing.

Overall, I have read a lot of books about these majestic mountains and thought that this book provided an interesting view that a lot of stories just about climbing miss out on, that of the history of the area.

I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.


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