Mudbound: Review

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Mudbound was a fantastic book – one of the best books that I’ve read in awhile! There were many different parts that wove together to make this book a truly exceptional read.

The plot in this book was really pleasant. There wasn’t too much going on that the characters were lost in the chaos, but there was enough going on to keep the readers interest throughout the story. The story starts out with the burial of “Pappy”, the main characters father, then the story goes back to explain the events leading up to his death. I thought that was a fantastic way to begin the story, it caught my attention and kept me wondering until the very end what had happened.

The characters in this story were also very fantastic. I found myself able to relate to all of the characters relatively easily and even if I wasn’t able to relate to them, I still found myself liking the characters (excluding Pappy, of course). I thought that the characters interactions with each other were very realistic and easy to understand. I could definitely feel for Laura when her life was uprooted and she was forced to sacrifice many things.

The writing in this book was also really pleasant. The author writes in a style that is simplistic, yet still descriptive. There isn’t too much description in this book to get in the way of the story, the author keeps her sentences simple enough that it doesn’t overpower anything. She also does a fantastic job of writing personalities into all of her characters. She seemed to have a solid grasp on what each character would be feeling and she did a fantastic job of putting that down on paper in a way that strongly conveyed the emotions.

This story was written in a style that each chapter is from a different characters perspective. I thought that was a really good route to go for this book. Getting the perspectives of different characters gave the reader a lot of good insight into the going ons of the characters in a way that would have been lost had the story been from only one or two perspectives.

The story itself is powerful. This book is definitely a good one to read if you’re interested in race relations after the civil war and how people treated one another in rural areas. This book is definitely a fantastic one to give faces to the events that were occurring during that time period.

Overall, this book is one of my favorite books that I have read. Everything about it was just pleasant to read and powerful. I would give this book 5/5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone, especially those looking for books about race relations.


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