The Troop: Review

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Sometimes, after reading a few benign books, you just need a good dose of creepy. You know, shake things up a bit. This book provides that needed creep factor, without losing the elements of a good story.

This story centers around a group of boy scouts, and their troop leader, camping on an isolated island. When a strange, sick man stumbles onto the island; everything just goes a little crazy (that being an immense understatement). The boys face off against the elements as well as each other, and the relatively unknown sickness that threatens to infect every one of them.

There was an ok plot throughout the book. It basically just follows the boys as they try to avoid becoming infected and as they deal with the others who are already infected. Although the reader knows what the sickness is and what caused it, the boys don’t. It’s interesting to follow them as they try to figure things out, but there isn’t much mystery for the reader.

This book is pretty gory, so I would definitely not recommend it if you get grossed out easily. The descriptions of the people who are infected are incredibly disturbing (as are the thoughts that those people have). The description of the “worm” is also pretty disturbing and makes me never; ever want to encounter a tapeworm, or any other worm/snake for that matter.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the news articles that were placed in between the chapters. I understand that they aided in the clarification of numerous points, I didn’t think they added very much to the story as the writing wasn’t as good as the rest of the story. I would have preferred it if they had been left out altogether and the author had just revealed the source of the contagion at the end.

The writing itself is pretty good, other than the news articles. The author does a nice job of describing the thoughts and feelings of the characters in a way that isn’t annoying and does add to the story.

Bottom Line: I would give this book 8/10 stars. Although there were a few things that need some work, the overall story was creepy and pleasing.

I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.


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