Steel: Review

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After reading a short story written by Carrie Vaughn I knew that I had to read more by her! I picked this book up at my local library because the premise of the story sounded intriguing and like something I would enjoy.

The writing in Steel was definitely not as well done as her short story Game of Chance. The writing in this story is very plain; there aren’t any artistic flourishes or traits that really stand out throughout the entire story. The writing in this book is very simplistic and to-the-point.

The plot of this book is pleasant. Vaughn definitely seemed to tone things down for the younger reader, as there really isn’t that much mystery or intrigue. There was just enough mystery to keep me reading until the end though.

I was a little flustered by the main character, Jill. She was rather dull and unemotional throughout the entire story. For example, she didn’t seem too bothered to find herself away from her family and trapped on a pirate ship in a different era… I expected a little bit more of a reaction from her.

The setting of this book is absolutely fantastic. The modern day world is described in just enough detail to make things pleasant, without being redundant, while the past world is described in great detail. Vaughn did a fantastic job of transporting the reader into a different time period, providing just the right amount of researched facts to make the world seem believable.

Bottom Line: I would give this book 8/10 stars. This is not Vaughn’s best work but it is still a refreshing young-adult book that reads quickly and enjoyably.


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