Death Ain’t But a Word: Review

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First of all, I received this book from the author for free on the condition that I would give it an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book! It’s a unique story and was definitely much better than I expected. Judging the book by its cover I honestly didn’t expect to like it, but this story took me by surprise. I began it one afternoon and couldn’t put it down until I had finished it (later that evening).

This book takes a couple of chapters to really get into. The first few chapters are a little confusing, but once all the characters are introduced the plot really gets moving. Whether it’s a chase scene or ghosts seeking revenge on the people who wronged them, this book is full of action. That being said, this book did read more like a movie than a well thought out novel. There might have been a little bit too much action and not enough character development in this story for my taste.

Even though there isn’t a lot of character development in this book, the characters are still likable and enjoyable. Wilkin, the main character, is relatable and he does show some growth throughout the story. Having a crack-head as the main character isn’t extremely common in books of this genre, but I thought it definitely added a unique perspective. I’m hopeful that Wilkin’s future life will morph into a series of books as he deals with the ghosts that surround him.

There were a couple of parts in this book that read awkwardly, really just a sentence here or there. I wasn’t entirely sure if the author was purposefully trying to make sentences seem disjointed or if it just turned out that way. Usually though, the story flowed nicely and was easy to read.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action packed books with a strong supernatural element. Even if you don’t think this book is your cup of tea I would definitely recommend giving it a shot, odds are likely you will be pleasantly surprised by the time you’re finished reading.

Bottom Line: I would give this book 7/10 stars. There was a little bit too much action and not enough depth for my taste, but this book really was a pleasant surprise. This is definitely one of those books to take a chance on, not to just be judged by its cover.


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